Teeth Whitening


Atlantic Family Dentistry can help you achieve that celebrity-grade, dazzlingly white shade your smile might be missing. Due to dietary inevitabilities, most of use are going to consume foods or drinks that are going to have a hand in staining our teeth, some of which on the long term (coffee, smoking, of course, sodas, teas, etc.) cause negative or even damaging effects to your smile.

Don’t Trust this to the Toothpaste Makers

Many over-the-counter methods are going to be overpriced and not guaranteed to yield any noticeable results. Some treatments are just effective enough to do long term damage to your teeth and gums if not administered properly. It’s better to trust the trained professionals at Atlantic Family Dentistry for your teeth whitening needs.

Our treatment methods deliver the right concentration of whitening material directly onto your teeth, keeping a sustained whitening process from start to finish.

Tray or In-office Whitening Procedures

Atlantic Family Dentistry offers both tray whitening and in-office whitening procedures, giving you the customized treatment you need. If you decide to go with tray whitening, impressions will be made and we’ll create a tray that is fitted to your unique set of teeth. You can wear the trays for a few hours each day or night over the course of a few days, depending on the concentration of your whitening gel.

In-office whitening can be done in as little as one visit, but we will still recommend that you take trays home with you in order to maintain your smile’s new pallor.

Comprehensive, Compassionate Care for the Entire Family
At Atlantic Family Dentistry we provide a wide variety of cosmetic and family dentistry procedures all under one roof. Whether you need a routine checkup, dental implants, veneers, laminates, or professional whitening procedures, we can provide the expert care that you deserve.

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