Veneers and Laminates


Achieving a celebrity quality smile can happen faster than you think. Try two weeks. That’s generally how long the process takes at Atlantic Family Dentistry, where we can help shade, shape and position your veneers to look exactly like your normal teeth.

Your Initial Consultation

Schedule your one on one consultation today and we’ll determine if veneers are for you. From there, Atlantic Family Dentistry will assess your aesthetic enhancement goals when it comes to your smile. We’ll both get to work in order to make that ambition into a reality.

Veneers (whether porcelain or composite) are thin pieces of material that are designed to cover your original teeth, in order to give your smile a straighter, more appealing look. Both porcelain and composite material can achieve a realistic-looking result that both we and the patient are proud of.

Conservative Cosmetic Treatment

Veneers are among the most conservative cosmetic dental treatments available. Since veneers are ultra thin, there is very little tooth structure removed before placement. Certain types of veneers can last years and years, giving you the smile you always wanted without having to endure a long campaign with braces.

Clear Communication and Execution

We use cutting edge technology to give you a 3D replication of your new veneers, before we send them to the lab for fabrication. It’s important that we go over what you wish to achieve with your veneers, so we can make sure to recreate the look that you want.

Veneers can help treat the following dental issues:

  • Tooth discoloration — could be because of a root canal treatment, or stains from coffee and smoking, or even tetracycline. Excessive fluoride and even large resin fillings that discolor your teeth can be treated with veneers.
  • Worn-down, ground teeth — Grinders and people who suffer from sleep apnea and bruxism.
  • Chipped or broken teeth — could be from a contact sport, could be from bruxism or sleep apnea. Veneers can treat these situations particularly effectively.
  • Misaligned teeth — teeth that are irregularly shaped, teeth with craters or bulges, as well as minor bite issues.
  • Gaps between teeth — if you have spaces between your teeth, veneers can remedy the situation.

Contact Atlantic Family Dentistry today to schedule your initial consultation. We’ll assess your situation and discuss your options, determining ways to achieve your cosmetic dental ambitions today. Together we’ll help you achieve a glamorous smile.

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