One of the most popular holidays for children is coming up, Halloween. We know children love candy, but for dentists and parents, tooth decay from candy can be quite a concern. After all, with candy comes in sugar, which harbors the bacteria that can potentially lead to tooth decay. The Belleville and Nutley dentists at Atlantic Family Dentistry have recommendations to help parents and their children enjoy Halloween while keeping their teeth healthy.

For parents and children, consider these five tips:

Reduce the snacking: all the free candy can be irresistible, but the it is important to moderate consumption. Generally, 2-3 pieces at a time is recommended.

Dental hygiene: after each treat, be sure to have your children brush their teeth. Having the sugar linger in the mouth can present a risk of developing cavities or tooth decay.

Sticky candies: the usual suspects in this category includes taffy, caramel, gummy worms, and anything that can stick to teeth. These can be hard to remove from the tooth surface and can contribute to cavities over time.

Sugar-free gum: you can keep things sweet while cutting out the sugar. Sugar-free gum contains ingredients such as Xylitol and Sorbitol, which are low-calorie and can help stimulate saliva. This is essential for fighting off bad bacteria.

Education: of course, as your children are counting their goodies, talk to them about their teeth and the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy smile. A consistent brushing and flossing routine, along with visits to the dentist, are essential to maintaining good oral health in the long-term.

For additional information on preserving a healthy smile and protecting your child’s teeth, contact Atlantic Family Dentistry in Belleville and Nutley and schedule an appointment.