Thanksgiving Day is a holiday that everyone enjoys. It is the day when families and friends spend a day together over a huge table of food and review the things they are most thankful for. It is easy to call this day the ultimate cheat day, where dieting and health come second to fun and food.

Sure, while note every day is one in which you consume 7000 calories, it is still a smart choice to keep your dental health in mind while on the munching is going on. When preparing a Thanksgiving meal, you can pay more attention to nutritious food and whether they are good for your teeth and gums. Some foods contain more of the necessary minerals and vitamins to keep teeth healthy than others.

When choosing your Turkey, select one that contains a good amount of phosphorus. This ingredient is highly recommended for their benefits in tooth development. They help build tooth enamel and minimize any damage by bacteria. Sweet or mashed potatoes provide a good source of vitamins and do not stick to the teeth, which is great for reducing bacteria build-up.

Even on a Thanksgiving Day dinner, vegetables are still around. The greens providing a rich blend of Vitamin A and C nutrients, which contributes to your gums’ defenses against oral cancer. Cranberries are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, they help prevent bacteria from accumulating and being attached to teeth.

For dessert, consider pumpkin pies. They contain minerals such as copper, calcium, and phosphorus. These ingredients reinforce the gums and with their calcium, contribute to the mineralizing your teeth.

If there is one more thing to be thankful for, it is having a great set of teeth and a smile to feel proud of. For more information, contact our Belleville and Nutley dentist at Atlantic Family Dentistry.