Chocolate makes up 75% of Valentine’s Day candy purchases. Candy makes up 45.7% of overall Valentine’s Day purchases, according to This means that your teeth are taking the brunt end of the deal this February.

Read on for information about how to protect yourself from cavities and tooth decay after V Day.

Did you get chocolates or candy hearts for Valentine’s Day? Eat sparingly!

We know it kills you, but maybe think about sneaking that box of robust chocolates to the office and play hero for the day. People will love you.

Secretly, you’ll be sparing yourself the worry — sugars in candy and chocolates turns into harmful acids in your mouth that eat up tooth enamel, causing cavities and tooth decay. Maybe that’s cruel to put that on your coworkers. Maybe you can give it to Harold, the guy up for the same promotion as you.

If you’re not going to engage in such behavior, we respect that. At the very least make sure that you moderate your candy consumption. Try to keep it to once a day, perhaps directly after a meal. And make sure you wait to brush.

Repeat, After You Eat… Wait to Brush!

Say what? — you might be thinking to yourself. You heard us right. Wait about 15-20 minutes right after food or beverage consumption, especially if you’re eating or drinking something acidic. If you brush too hard, too soon, then you risk working these harmful acids into your tooth enamel, which will bring on demineralization.

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Where Do I Find a Dentist Near Me?

You enjoyed your Valentine’s Day candy. It was good while it lasted, but now it’s time to get back to your routine. It’s important to not only incorporate a good brushing and flossing routine into your life, but it’s also important to have a relationship with your friendly Belleville, NJ dentist, Atlantic Family Dentistry. We provide a wide range of general and cosmetic dental treatments. Schedule your check-up today and let’s get on the right side of oral health.