Is that you over by the snack table at the holiday party? There are ways to enjoy the festive season while eating, drinking, and being merry without having to do any serious damage to your oral health. Holidays like Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations are rife with irresponsible snacking, eating foods we don’t normally eat, and drinking beverages we might not normally drink, many of which do a real number on your teeth if left unchecked.

Atlantic Family Dentistry would like to share some tips to raise oral health awareness over the holidays, so readers can finish out their year strong and use that momentum as a springboard to power a happy, healthy 2018. Good oral health is closely linked to one’s overall health, after all. For instance, gum disease is linked to diabetes and heart disease. Once you start thinking about your teeth and gums as a doorway to the rest of your body, you’ll start to think differently about the way you treat your teeth and deal with your oral health year round.

Tip #1: Don’t slack on your oral health routine.

We know it might be tempting to take those loafers off after the holiday party and just lie back in bed and fall asleep without brushing or flossing. You’ll do it in the morning. What’s the problem, right? Wrong. Sugar from foods and drinks produce acids that can dissolve and damage teeth and tooth enamel. Make sure you brush after every meal if you can. Don’t forget to floss, either.

Tip #2: Sensible snacking is the name of the game.

This might mean opting for the veggie tray as opposed to the peanut brittle. It might also mean packing an extra toothbrush so you can steal away to the bathroom and do a quick maintenance brush 15-20 minutes after snacking. The reason we say to wait to brush is in case you’ve eaten any acidic foods. In such cases you should wait until your mouth neutralizes these acids. Otherwise, you can potentially scrape away your tooth enamel.

Tip #3: Don’t engage in shenanigans.

Holiday parties usually entail their fair share of adult beverages, which means people are generally on their most playful behavior. That’s all well and good, but it’s important to stay safe. Many of our dental emergencies come from situations where patients had been drinking and did something they’d normally have the good sense not to. Oh, yeah, and another thing: don’t open bottles with your teeth. It might seem like a cool parlour trick for a while, but you can chip, crack, or break your teeth.

Tip #4: Visit Atlantic Family Dentistry

You still have a few days to get into Atlantic Family Dentistry for your checkup and cleaning. That way, you can utilize your insurance benefits before they reset for the new year. A great way to fend off any dental damage due to the holiday season is to come in for treatment or a one-on-one consultation. We believe in educating our patients, stressing the importance of preventive dentistry in addition to corrective dentistry. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.