Emergency Dental

Dental EmergencyWe know it can happen at any time. Emergencies don’t ask when it’s convenient before they show up. They don’t give you a warning like those fraternity kids who live across the street do before they throw their huge parties. Emergencies strike anytime, anywhere, and it’s generally the times where you least expect it, the times when you’re most vulnerable.

You don’t know how much you associate how you look with your smile until your smile is compromised in some way. Could be a pickup game of basketball. Could be anything from a plastic cup hitting your tooth at exactly the right angle, chipping it, to a boys or girls night out that ends up in tragedy for you.

But we’re here to help. No matter what the emergency is, Atlantic Family Dentistry can see you promptly and give you fast and first rate emergency dental care. We specialize in being there when we need to be, no matter if it’s a routine checkup or one of those bad experiences that we have to reckon with right away. We’ll do whatever we have to do to help you regain your smile.

Conservative Care

We’ll do whatever we can to preserve the original structures of your teeth and gums. We have the long term picture in mind whenever we are thinking about your smile, that’s what sets us apart from other family dental practitioners. When we become your family dentist, that’s a big deal to us. That means that we are embarking on this oral health journey together. We’re happy to take on the responsibility of giving you expert emergency dental care.

Contact Atlantic Family Dentistry if you’re in need of an emergency dentist. We have a dedicated staff of dental professionals who will give you the compassionate care that you’ve been looking for.