Oral Health Post-Valentine’s Day

Chocolate makes up 75% of Valentine’s Day candy purchases. Candy makes up 45.7% of overall Valentine’s Day purchases, according to StatisticBrain.com. This means that your teeth are taking the brunt end of the deal this February.

Read on for information about how to protect yourself from cavities and tooth decay after V Day.

Did you get chocolates […]

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Smile Nutrition (Hardworking Foods that Power Your Oral Health)

When we think of our diet, we tend to consider eating healthier foods because we want to look better from a BMI standpoint. We want to work on our beach bodies for the summertime. We want to look good in a swimsuit. That’s all well and good, but another less often discussed benefit of eating […]

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How to Keep a Healthy Smile for the Holidays

Is that you over by the snack table at the holiday party? There are ways to enjoy the festive season while eating, drinking, and being merry without having to do any serious damage to your oral health. Holidays like Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations are rife with irresponsible snacking, eating foods we don’t normally […]

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Thanksgiving Food You Can Enjoy While Being Considerate of Your Teeth

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday that everyone enjoys. It is the day when families and friends spend a day together over a huge table of food and review the things they are most thankful for. It is easy to call this day the ultimate cheat day, where dieting and health come second to fun and […]

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Tips to Enjoy a Tooth-Friendly Halloween

One of the most popular holidays for children is coming up, Halloween. We know children love candy, but for dentists and parents, tooth decay from candy can be quite a concern. After all, with candy comes in sugar, which harbors the bacteria that can potentially lead to tooth decay. The Belleville and Nutley dentists at […]

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Fight Tooth Decay This Fall (While Still Enjoying that Pumpkin Pie)

With fall comes changing colors, cool breezes, and an assortment of seasonal treats like pumpkin pie, apple cider, and maple syrup donuts. But while you’re enjoying the mild climate and gorgeous outdoors, it’s important to keep your teeth protected from the assortment of sweets that beckon your name. That’s why we at Atlantic Family Dentistry […]

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Avoid that Root Canal

The root canal procedure has gotten a bad reputation over the years thanks to media portrayal. The common person thinks the root canal procedure is painful and cumbersome. Really, it’s more akin to getting a cavity filled.

If you believe you could benefit from a root canal procedure but you’re avoiding the dentist, this can cause […]

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Preventing and Detecting Problems Associated with TMD

Temporomandibular disorder, or TMD, is often accompanied by pain, clicking or grating in the jaw. These are common disorders, but can cause great inconvenience and pain to affected individuals. Fortunately, there are treatments and solutions for prevention available.

What does the temporomandibular joint do? It enables movement of the jaw. When there is a problem with […]

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