Missing Teeth Can Detract From Your Oral Health

Missing teeth is associated with sports or other forms of physical activity. While athletes may view tooth gaps as a badge of honor, having a gap can invite unwanted conditions such as gum disease and tooth loss. Without proper treatment, missing teeth can ultimately result in lower quality dental health.

A missing tooth affects a […]

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How can Periodontal Disease be Detected?

Gum disease is regarded as one of the more common, but serious conditions that patients experience. This is a major problem and if patients do not receive the correct treatment at the recommended time, then their dental health can experience long-lasting damage. This means it is important to be able to identify the symptoms of […]

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Are You Being the Worst Person Ever to Your Teeth?

When it comes to everyday acts and habits that are bad for your teeth, there are some that seem to be known fairly commonly, but there are others that haven’t caught on or that people refuse to acknowledge. Little do you know, some of your favorite guilty pleasures might be wreaking havoc on your teeth […]

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